Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Half-Life of History.

The Half-Life of History. The Atomic Bomb and Wendover Air Base. Photographs by Mark Klett, text by William L. Fox. Radius Books, 2011. 160 pp., illustrated throughout, 9,5x11,75". Images from here.

Book description:

"In Hiroshima, Japan a twisted steel dome is grim reminder of a city destroyed by the first atomic bomb used in warfare. It is a history no one dares to forget.

Halfway around the globe in the Utah/Nevada border stands another ruin, the airplane hangar inside of which the bomber that carried the Hiroshima bomb was readied for its mission. Wendover Airbase, once the world’s largest, now crumbles from neglect.

The stories and relics at Wendover describe more than the past, they also point to a historic cycle; to a present filled with new apprehensions that carry the potential for a chilling future.

Artist Mark Klett, known for his ongoing exploration of landscape, history and the passage of time through the medium of photography, and William L. Fox, a celebrated science and art writer whose work has focused on human cognition and memory, teamed up to create a fascinating visual and verbal multi-layered portrait of Wendover Airbase and the experience of memory in relation to the use of the Atomic bomb by the American military in World War II."

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