Friday, December 16, 2011

The Infinite Journey.

The Infinite Journey. A response to "x= or what is to be done?", the tenth anniversary of bookartbookshop. Book by Sara Elgerot / Rare Autumn, 2011. 10pp., illustrated throughout, 10,9x8,3cm.

Book description:

'The Infinite Journey' takes its starting point from a fairly literal reading of “x= or what is to be done?” (“x=” symbol, and “what is to be done?” always has a political connotation to me), as well as the symbolism/mythology surrounding the year 2012 and the 10 year “arc” of the bookartbookshop and its symbolism in my life.

It's concerned with the use of symbols to represent ideas/qualities (and by extension the shape of symbols), protest movements through a sentimental tint, mythology and rebirth in thoughts, and the circular way life comes around.

The “infinite” in the title is a play on the infinity symbol.

The materials used are inkjet and crayon/pen on white aquarelle paper, with crayon/pen on black 200gsm paper insert and cover. Folded and staple-bound with a soft cover.

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