Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A head with wings.

A head with wings. By Anouk Kruithof, designed by Hans Seeger. Little Brown Mushroom Books, 2011. 28pp., illustrated throughout, various sized pages 6,625x 7,875″, custom side stapled, gatefold and various inserts (edition of 1000).

This artist book by Dutch artist Anouk Kruithof (designed by Hans Seeger and published by the always-interesting Little Brown Mushroom Books) is just truly inspiring to me - in its shape, construction and just the thought-process and imagination behind it.

Book description:

" 'Do you see something there? Why are you standing still all of a sudden?' With those words begin Anouk Kruithof’s trip into the Little Brown rabbit hole.

Using hand-made montages of photographs she took in Belize, Mexico, Egypt, Morocco and Berlin, Kruithof spins a hallucinatory yarn of anxiety and desire."

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