Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kan du inte bara vara pinsamt tyst.

Kan du inte bara vara pinsamt tyst. Text by Tomas Kindenberg, photographs by Stefan Bladh, endpaper illustrations by Fredrik Tjernström. Zoo Publishing, 2006. 130pp., illustrated throughout, 12x17cm.

'Kan du inte bara vara pinsamt tyst', which can loosely be translated to 'Can't you just be awkwardly silent', is a collection of short stories or monologues by Swedish writer Tomas Kindenberg.

The stories intertwines with black & white, bleak and at the same time both fairly stark and dream-like photographs of the Swedish everyday existence by photographer Stefan Bladh.

UPDATE: I'm ambivalent to this book, which I guess was not made clear. However, it has certain qualities that fits very well into my own creative process at the moment (e.g. the Swedishness of the title, the style of the photographs and my own relationship to the book over the years).

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