Thursday, June 28, 2007

Charity shop find

Yesterday was spent flying, today I got reminded I bought this wonderful, wonderful cushion just before we left - I love it!

There's nothing better then unique finds at charity shops or thrift shops... (charity shops preferred as you're supporting a good cause too).

This beautiful cushion is from Stockholms Stadsmission - the one peaking out from under is from the Sally Ann shop in Stockholm (Sally Ann not being a traditional - supported by charitable donations - charity shop, but instead a shop selling items made in the developing world and where the proceeds goes to charity).


sia said...

Oh wow, that is a pillow by MIBO, you lucky one! :-)

cheers from Amsterdam

Rare Autumn said...

Thank you for the link! I do feel lucky - won't tell you how much of a serious bargain it was!

I realy love the visuals of somersaulting through life - will have to spends some proper time rumage throught it - I'm just said I didn't discover it earlier!