Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Fiera. Annamaria Sbisà, with illustrations by Michele Petoletti. Commisioned and produced by fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo.

"Adrift in a hot air balloon, Leonardo Leopard and his animal friends alight on top of the Duomo in Florence, accidentally tearing a hole in their balloon. Fascinated by the city, the animals descend in search of adventure.
Inspired by the wonders of the Florentine art, Leonardo alone recognizes the beauty in individuality, and is aghast that his friends have tried to hide their unique allure. He encourages them to tap into their innate personal style, helping each of them unearth their own special talent, and together they repair the balloon with great artistry and élan, allowing them to sail away together on new adventures."

This illustrated children's book (illustrations and characters based on Ferragamo's archives of iconic prints) was created for Ferragamo's 80th birthday

The book can be bought this autumn at Ferragamo stores in the US, with portions of the profits going to the Baby Buggy charity.

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