Sunday, June 24, 2007

Richard Serra Sculpture: Forty Years

Images: photographs taken of works from Richard Serra Sculpture: Forty Years placed in the Sculpture Garden at the MoMA.

For my birthday amongst others we went to the MoMA for the Richard Serra Sculpture: Forty Years exhibition I've written about before.

The exhibition and works were overwhelming in their immediacy and I'm really really glad we made sure to spend so much time with them. I was especially impressed with Richard Serra's use of space in producing the pieces - you feel they exist solely in relation to space and to each others' position in space and to each other - something that almost makes you hesitate to use the word sculpture for them and rather see them as interacting with the room, space, environment and persons viewing them.

What really surprised me after seeing the photographs of Richard Serra's sculptures by Hiroshi Sugimoto from the book Joe was how serene, beautiful and uplifting I felt the sculptures were (whereas the images in "Joe" felt moody and almost broody). I suppose this highlight what I wrote the last time that "[the book Joe] to me goes to the soul of this: seeing your own forms and figures between the angles and shadows and lights of a set structure." Something Richard Serra does in producing his work, Hiroshi Sugimoto did in taking his pictures and I did viewing and photographing the exhibition - us all I'm sure coming away from it seeing and feeling very different things.

Images as before.

I hope the picture taken and shown here conveys some of my feeling for the works.

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