Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Explorations & Optigrams.

Explorations & Optigrams. Photographs by Jim Krantz. Paper Mirron Press, 2007. 48 pp., 31 illustrations, 6x6". Signed copies available.

"Intrigued by redefining processes and formal explorations. I work with paints and resins on translucent materials creating images and arrangements, intuitively and spontaneously, that simply feel right to me. I begin with an agenda drawn from a specific image, then remap the surface, alternatively I rely purely on mood and chance; the intention is not abstraction but this is often the result. By casting light on the paintings, depth is introduced, throwing the image into new dimensions. This potential is realized further through manipulation in the darkroom, developing what I call Optigrams, an additional interpretation of the first instinctive effort. I aim at a synthesis of the natural flow of the materials with hand-and-mind, illumination and photography… to discover new worlds…" - Jim Krantz

For more about Jim Krantz and his work go to his website here.

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