Thursday, July 05, 2007

Five and a Half - notebooks

Selection of notebooks from Five and a Half. Each cover design, featuring original illustrations or photographs, are limited edition (found via Bloesem).

Five and a Half is a bookmaking and design studio based in New York. Starting in 2006 they make wonderful journals made of sugarcane fiber and post-consumer recycled paper.

Besides the great covers depicting the kind of incidental, universal every-day life I find really fascinating, I also really appreciate the fact that the journals are made using sustainable materials (the reason I normally try to stay paper-free even though I love paper goods of any sort, as well as paper collages). This material reportedly boasts "text-weight surface that is ideal for writing, drawing, and painting."

I also like the added thought that's gone into the journal with inner pockets for loose leafs of paper/photographs and the fact that they have a perfect-bound spine so opens flat, which means that you can write or draw straight across both pages - all making it very very functional whilst beautiful, personal and without adding to the cutting down of trees.

It really isn't surprising that the journals are "made with writers, illustrators, artist and designers in mind"!

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