Sunday, July 01, 2007

Transitory. The Abstract.

Transitory. The Abstract. Photographs by Sean Perry. Text by Roy Flukinger. Cloverleaf Press, Austin, 2006. 30 pp., 10 carbon pigment prints and 1 platinum/palladium print, 9x8".

"Exploring themes of electricity, shadow and solidity, Transitory is Sean Perry's photographic study of architecture & the built environment. With these images Perry has rendered static structures as symbols, revealing an unexpected beauty and graceful clarity. This project invites brief passage into a world void of linear events, leaving the echo of the places and things felt, not seen."

"Transitory: The Abstract, the first volume in a series of three, is a plate book featuring ten tipped-in artist prints and one free-standing platinum print. Including a foreword by Roy Flukinger, Research Curator of Photography & Film at the Harry Ransom Center, it is letterpress-printed and hand-bound in a quarter leather binding. The book and platinum print are enclosed in a full cloth drop spine box. Handmade by book artist Jace Graf and published by Cloverleaf Press in a limited edition of eighty-seven numbered and signed copies.

In addition to notable private collections, Transitory: The Abstract is held in the permanent collections of The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and The Wittliff Collection of Southwestern and Mexican Photography."

For more of this beautiful, evocative book go here or to the artist's page here.


Robin said...

Just very moving - It is not so much the abstract nature that interests me - It is much more the beauty to be found in the incidentals of everyday life. Great great pick.

Rare Autumn said...

thank you!!! i will write an extended new post about this fantastic book again soon