Monday, July 02, 2007


Shorelines. Photographs by David Burdeny. Introduction by Anthony Collins. David Burdeny, Vancouver, 2007. 48 pp., 33 varnished duotone illustrations, 11x11".

"Vancouver, BC, January 28,2007 - - Shorelines, a book of highly textured and minimal seascape photographs, is the first hardcover monograph of Canadian born photographer David Burdeny. Based in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada, Burdeny has traveled extensively over the last 6 years along the coasts of Europe, Asia, USA and Canada capturing the shifting light and surfaces of the world's oceans and shorelines. Printed by world renowned Hemlock Press the 33 plates faithfully reproduce the technical perfection, visual brilliance and otherworldly atmosphere David's prints are known for. These images describe an oceanscape that is grand and particular using a visual language that lies somewhere between representational and abstract photography."

Tranquil and beautiful. To learn more about David Burdeny go here.

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