Thursday, July 26, 2007

Observations in an Occupied Wilderness.

Observations in an Occupied Wilderness. Photographs by Terry Falke. Introduction by Carol McCusker. Essay by William L. Fox. Chronicle Books, San Francisco, 2006. 120 pp., 75 color illustrations, two 4-page gatefolds, 11¾x10". Signed copies available at photo-eye.

I've been away since Monday and unfortunately wifi is a bit hard to get hold of, but I will try to update Rare Autumn as much as possible. For now enjoy this beautiful book!

"Falke has been traveling around the Southwest [of the US] for the past decade or so, looking at several things.
Inevitably, he has been documenting the commercialization, building and paving of the West. This includes its large-scale conversion into a theme-park parody of itself: purple mountain's majesty being eclipsed by a three-story blanket slide; tire-tracked "wild" areas plastered with signage and lists of rules; golf courses plunked in parched playas. But Falke's vision is certainly more nuanced-it's more than just another cry of pain. For one thing, the light and space of the West are still as sublime as ever, and captured on 8×10 color negative film, they pop and sing. That crisp lyricism works equally well for Falke whether he's looking at Hoover Dam at sunset or at birds in a pure blue dusk, clustered in a bare tree lapped by the Salton Sea."

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