Friday, August 17, 2007

The Dude Abides

Scenes from the Big Lebowski.

When I read Absurdity's Big Lebowski-posting I got reminded of this great article that I saved after I happened to see it when I picked up a Guardian whilst in London last.
The article will most probably go up on the wall and I re-watched the film on the imac delux last night - as brilliant as ever!


BookGirl said...

I love this film, the Coen Brothers and, almost always, Jeff Bridges. Good reminder that I should put it on my Netflix Queue for ordering.

Rare Autumn said...

The Big Lebowski is probably my favourite Coen Brothers-film (and they've made a long list of really good ones) - it definitely always makes me smile!

Watching it again reminded me of what a stellar, stellar cast they've assembled for the film. And Jeff Bridges must be the most underrated actor out there...