Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm not actually a summer person

59 buketter från min trädgård (59 bouquets from my garden). By Denise Grünstein, photographs by Denise Grünstein. Prisma publishers, 2007. 224pp., colour illustrations, hardbound. Individual images can be bought separately.

I'm not actually a summer person - I prefer the autumn (as you might've guessed) and that is partly what annoys me with Sweden: The winter is so dark and long and enveloping that it just takes over your life - the only way to counter-act it is to have a really long hot bright summer. When that summer doesn't materialise and you realise that autumn is coming it's like your entire body is screaming in protest (rather than rejoicing in autumn as it should). I'm very angry with winter for conspiring with summer to not let me enjoy autumn the way I should!

Anyhow this is the explanation for the appearance of summery images and flowers on the blog (and why I've been crawling down into a little hole instead of writing posts for the past week).

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