Friday, August 31, 2007

Project Rainbow.

Project Rainbow. By Ryan McGuiness, works by Ryan McGuiness. Ginko Press. 112pp., 112 colour illustrations, hardcover, 8 1/2x11". Some images from Book By Its Cover.

"Project Rainbow takes the viewer on a journey deep into the layered silkscreen compositions Ryan McGuiness created specifically for this book. Every detail of these works is revealed, from the texture and flaws of the paper to the dynamic forms created by an endless ''rainbow'' of inks and silkscreened layers. According to McGinness this process reveals ''a fractal-based, worlds within-worlds structure that mirrors the parallel-dimensions model of the universe.'' Project Rainbow is published in a limited edition as a tribute to the simultaneous solo exhibitions, ''Ryan McGinness: Project Rainbow'' at 222 Gallery in Philadelphia and ''Ryan McGinness: Worlds Within Worlds'' at Deitch Projects in New York in the Fall of 2003."

I really like the idea of seeing the process / of the process making its' mark on the finished work.

For more go to the post at Book By Its Cover where I found this great book, Ryan McGuiness site (especially images from Worlds Within Words - just amazing!) or get the book at Ginko Press.

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