Thursday, August 16, 2007


Escapes. Photographs by Björn Abelin. Journal, Stockholm, 2007. 56 pp., 21 black and white illustrations.

"Sand dunes covered in grass and flattened by the wind, an expansive field of grain, or the imposing face of a cliff, captured in their emptiness and devoid of any human trace, typify the subjects of Abelin's seemingly timeless photographs. Handsomely produced, this book presents 21 rich, full page duotone images, photographed in different locations throughout Europe between 1997 and 2004."

The image above reminds me a lot of old fashion style photographs (which I love). It's beautiful and serene and I would very much like to be able to see more of this book. I've trotted the web for more information about this photographer as well as the publisher and book, but it's been hard to find. I still couldn't resist to post it and hope I will run across the book at one point (or that someone out there perhaps knows?)

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Anonymous said...

It´s my book and you can more of my photographs
The publisher is Journal publishing in Sweden.
You can by the book in the states at

/Good Luck from Björn Abelin