Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Displaced. Photographs by Lauren Henkin. Vela Noche Press, 2010. 56 pp., 39 original archival ultrachrome prints, 9½x13". Images from photo-eye.

Fine art landscape photographer Lauren Henkin's work strives to describe the essence of what is around us.

In 'Displaced', her first published book, she's made a deeply personal book about 'finding external beauty in the midst of intense internal crisis'.

The book is an extension of her work, and will be entirely handmade. It's printed on archival paper and the printing will be done by Heskin herself, letterpress printing by Inge Bruggeman and the book will be hand-bound by acclaimed bookbinder John DeMerritt.

The book will be in a limited edition of 60 + 5 artist proofs, containing 39 original prints from two black and white portfolios 'derived from solitary departures in the U.S. and Nova Scotia'.

'Displaced' has been described as 'a profound meditation on loss and renewal, and what endures'. For me I think it would be wonderful to see a physical copy in order to fully examine the craftsmanship put in to this book. The promise is there however.


Taru Tuomi said...

I love her work

Rare Autumn said...

I'm glad you do! I think the craftsmanship gives it an extra layer