Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Wildfire. Photographs by Sasha Bezzubov. Nazraeli Press, Portland, 2009. 64 pp., 32 four color illustrations., 12x13".

'Wildfire' is Sasha Bezzubov's first monograph. It encompasses 32 large-scale photographs of the aftermath of forest fires in California (US).

Bezzubov has gained recognition for his photographs of natural disasters, and in this, as in his ongoing project 'Things Fall Apart', he uses landscape photography as a means of documenting 'the fragility of the man-made as it is transformed into dreamscapes of apocalyptic proportions'.

Mary Hrbacek, New York Art World:

"The cycle of destruction and regeneration, of death and birth, is a reality that is not subject to human contravection.

Despite the muted palette, these pictures present stunning vistas of natural wreckage that mirror man-made war zones. The vastness of the devastation is at once appalling and breathtaking"

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