Thursday, February 04, 2010

Lost Boy Mountain.

Lost Boy Mountain. Photographs by Lester B. Morrison. Little Brown Mushroom Books, 2009. 24 pp., Illustrated throughout, 5½x8". Images from Little Brown Mushroom blog.

Little Brown Mushroom Books description of 'Lost Boy Mountain' is: "Lester B. Morrison's first book is a combination of collage and Haiku".

That in itself is intriguing enough, but almost more so was that I found it hard to gather much more information on the book or its author. I did eventually however discover this synopsis at Printed Matter:

"Alec Soth's alter ego Lester B. Morrison is the author of (and protagonist in) a series of eleven haiku describing 'Lost Boy Mountain', the ultimate place of refuge from the passage of time.

Morrison's evocative poems are accompanied by equally evocative collages made from found photographs of tree houses and subterranean caves, which the artist connects by way of ladders, both explicit and implied."

'Lost Boy Mountain' is a fantastic looking book (containing really great collages, which is my weakness), seemingly made from an interesting and intriguing premise.

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