Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In Hokkaido.

In Hokkaido. Landscapes and Memory. Photographs by Michael Kenna. RAM / Nazraeli Press, 2010. 64 pp., 50 illustrations, 8½x11". View inside the book here.

This is a limited 2nd printing of 'In Hokkaido', the artist's book by photographer Micheal Kenna examining the Japanese island of Hokkaido.

'In Hokkaido' was originally published by RAM in conjunction with Kenna's exhibition at the Kushiro Art Museum in Hokkaido, Japan.

From the afterword by Daido Moriyama:

"The land of Hokkaido as Michael responds to it, with a perspective foreign to us Japanese, appears entirely new.

The landscapes he has captured suggest the vistas that the aboriginal Ainu people might have seen around them when Hokkaido was their heaven and earth, in the distant past before mainland Japanese settled there to colonize the island.

The photographs seem to fix nature itself, pure, an unsullied world.

Through Michael Kenna, a single photographer from another country, Hokkaido has acquired a completely new complement of natural features."

You can view some of the images inside this artist's book by going here and then clicking on the thumbnail to flick through.

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