Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Horst Interview: Anna-Sara Dåvik.

Part of A-S Dåvik's sketchbook. Images from Lynn & Horst. Found via Agnes B.

"I once stated a monstrous appeal to your creations. The woman's proportions are seemingly exaggerated and enlarged. Could you elaborate on your concept of feminity?

I think it's that type of feminity that attracts me and the feminity I want to express through my work is maybe a part of whom I aspire to be myself. A lot of my view on feminity is also influenced by my mom. The shapes and designs of the garments that you talk about is something I can't really explain. It's just what I think is elegant and strong proportion-wise and enhances my vision of what I like women to wear. It comes from intuition and from what I think looks good.

Your models seem like supernatural creations, almost flying in their wafting robes, very angelic but also very mystic. A romantic version of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse?

Women are warriors.

Little Horsti is the total opposite of your overwhelmingly strong women. He could hide under their skirts and smell their tulip perfume. How can he compete against their power?

Overwhelmingly strong – I think he needs to reflect upon why he is intimidated by strong women."

-- read the entire - and really outstanding - interview with Swedish designer Anna-Sara Dåvik here.

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