Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nothing But Home.

Nothing But Home. Photographs by Sebastien Girard. Sebastian Girard, 2009. 48 pp., illustrated throughout, 11x9".

Sébastien Girard's book 'Nothing But Home' "takes the unity of a place as its starting point: the photographer's house, his first house.

From this inaugural sign, a first book emerges.

Based on minute details detected under the rubble and within the mutating building site, Sébastien Girard builds a singular language, rescuing everyday life, where a single tool or entangled ordinary materials organize themselves into an intimate account of events."

Girard described his book "as a metaphor for beginnings and for creation. And when asked what ‘home’ means, he responded simply, 'The place where I start all of my journeys'."

'Nothing But Home' was selected as one of the Best Books of 2009 at photo-eye. You can also read a review of this book in the photo-eye magazine.

Main quote is part of the publisher's description. The quote in the last paragraph, but one, is from the photo-eye magazine review by Shane Lavalette.

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