Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Rewind. The Photographs.

Rewind. The Photographs. Photographs by Nina Korhonen. Fotohof Editions, 2009. 96 pp., 46 color illustrations, 8¾x11".

Finnish born photograher Nina Korhonen has lived and worked in Stockholm, Sweden since 1981. She has exhibited all over the world and published her work in book form.

'Rewind. The Photographs' is the third book in her personal, self-discovering trilogy, which also includes the books 'Minne. Muisto. Memory' and 'Anna' ('Anna, American mummu').

In this third volume Korhonen "examines issues of identity and self-discovery, continuing and uniting the tales she has been telling of her life and her family, especially about her childhood, and the lives of her mother, grandmother and other female role models.

The selfportraits and the family scenes, all beautiful color images, blend once again into an emotionally charged work which draws its strength from subtle feelings of love, death, joy and pain."

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