Thursday, March 11, 2010


True. Photographs by Thomas Joshua Cooper. Haunch of Venison, 2010. 178 pp., 80 tritone illustrations, 11¾x9".

American photographer Thomas Joshua Cooper is viewed as one of the foremost contemporary landscape photographers.

His first exhibition was in 1971 and he has since had numerous solo and group exhibitions in the US and Europe (with his work being included at the Tate Gallery for example), as well as having his work included in a great number of publications. Alongside this he is currently also professor and senior researcher at the prestigious Glasgow School of Art (Scotland, UK).

'True' details a two year journey to the polar regions, and represents new works from the series 'The World's Edge' - an ongoing work that 'seeks to map the extremities of the land and islands that surround the Atlantic Ocean'.

Cooper's project 'The World's Edge' started in 1990, with the premises being: "Each work begins as a location found on a map, researched and tracked down, and after often difficult journeys by air, sea and land, only one photograph is made per location on Cooper's arrival."

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