Monday, March 15, 2010

Tada Sorega Aru.

Tada Sorega Aru. Photographs by Hiroshi Taniguchi. Foil, Tokyo, 2008. 84 pp., 42 colour illustrations., 12¼x6¾".

Japanese photographer Hiroshi Taniguchi has exhibited his work on a small scale and had a few awards for his photography work. 'Tada sorega aru' (meaning 'There it is') is his first book.

In 'Tada sorega aru' every-day objects are cut off from their surroundings, picked out and highlighted in a subtle way.

Absent of all text the dreamlike, calm photographs of 'Tada sorega aru' capture 'a treasury of little moments, that are both subtle and at times almost transcendent'.

The 'white, long, sideways, mysterious world' of Taniguchi's photographs 'somehow reflects the feelings of contemporary society'.

'Tada sorega aru' is a lovely debut book in a similar vein to Rinko Kawauchi's work (who's photographs has been described as depicting 'the beauty of ordinary moments which we often ignore').

Quotes are from the publisher's description - except the last quote, which is from designboom.

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