Saturday, September 25, 2010

After All.

After All. Photographs by Laura Letinsky. Text by Mark Strand. Damiani, 2010. 96 pp., 55 colour illustrations, 11x8½".

Canadian photographer Laura Letinsky is best known for her still lifes, with much of her work "alluding to human human presence without including any actual figures".

She "explores the inextricable relationship between ripeness and decay, delicacy and clumsiness, waste and plenitude, pleasure and sustenance.

The influence of Dutch-Flemish and Italian still-life paintings-whose exacting beauty documented shifting social attitudes resulting from exploration, colonization, economics and ideas about seeing as a kind of truth-can be seen here as well.

In 'After All', Letinsky explores photography's transformative quality, changing what is typically overlooked into something splendid in its resilience. Poet Mark Strand contributes an essay to this marvelous volume."

First quote from here, second quote from here.

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