Sunday, September 19, 2010


Wacht. One Picture Book #62. Photographs by Eiji Ina. Nazraeli Press, Portland, 2010. 16 pp., 72 colour illustrations, one print, 5½x7¼". Images from photo-eye.

One Picture Book is an ongoing series of limited edition artists' books published by Nazraeli Press, which I've previously written about here and here for example.

The artist is asked to create a book based on one image or series of connected images, from their previous work. The hardcover edition is limited to 500 and contains an original print by the artist.

'Wacht' (one picture book #62) is a book by Japanese artist and photographer Eiju Ina that "documents in details the omnipresence of security cameras around the world. This is a book of anomalies, as the cameras that simultaneously protect and monitor us vary from humorous and ominous, subtle to clunky, hi-tech to classical."

Quote from publisher's description.

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