Thursday, September 02, 2010

Photographs by Götz Diergarten.

Photographs. Photographs by Götz Diergarten. Hatje Cantz, 2010. 160 pp., 98 colour illustrations, 9½x10½".

Götz Diergarten is a German photographer, who's work often entails picture series featuring a conceptual link between type and color.

In 'Photographs' we see a "series featuring German façades, French beach cabanas, and British spa architecture, [where] Götz Diergarten examines the outward appearance of different types of everyday buildings.

Following in the footsteps of the Becher School, Diergarten’s works are conceptually rigorous, with a documentary-style straightforwardness.

Diergarten’s originality, however, lies in the fact that he adds color as a dimension to this austere concept. In his photographs of standard beach cabanas, it is the color that expresses a sense of originality and uniqueness.

In the METROpolis series, he transforms the materials and patterns of passageways, tunnels, and railway platforms into abstract color spaces and fields, so that they resemble the kind of American color photography by artists such as William Eggleston or Stephen Shore."

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