Sunday, September 12, 2010

Art Spiegelman

Clip from Art Spiegelman documentary (K-special). Entire documentary (in English) here.

Happy Sunday! Today is the last chance to see the entire Art Spiegelman documentary (shown as part of the K-special culture program series). Hope you do, and hope you enjoy it!

Art Spiegelman is an American comics artist, best known for the comic book memoir 'Maus' (dealing with the subject of the holocaust), which won him the Pulitzer Prize. He's also an editor and advocate for the medium of comics, and has highly influenced the art form.

Read more about him and his work here or here for example.


josephine said...

imet Art Spiegelman a few years ago at a book reading for his children's picture book. i went to get his autograph and asked him if he could draw me something in the "Garbage Pail Kids"-style. he very kindly obliged, and that book is one of my prized possessions. :) he really was very sweet.

Rare Autumn said...

oh that's so lovely! he does come across as such a sweet man