Monday, September 06, 2010


Zaisyo. Photographs by Mitsuru Fujita. Tosei-Sha, 2010. Unpaged, black & white illustrations throughout, 10½x10¼"

'Zaisyo' is a monograph by Japanese photographer Mitsuru Fujita.

'Zaisyo' "which translates into 'one’s hometown', is a domesticated view of rural Japanese architecture and landscapes. Published by Tosei-Sha, this book is a collection of photographs representing small town Japan.

Fujita's images, taken between 1995-2008, are beautifully printed black and white photographs that navigate between formal street scenes, empty parking lots and railroad stations. While Fujita's images represent small community populations they are completely devoid of human presence other than the occasional automobile.

The result is an eerie anthropological view of what almost appear to be modern day ghost towns."

Quote from photo-eye newsletter.

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