Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tomi Ungerer versus America.

French illustrator and artist Tomi Ungerer is best known for creating art connected to political issues and social satire, as well as illustrating children's books.

'Tomi Ungerer versus America' is a documentary that deals with how the American art scene of the 1960s (of which Ungerer was a part) has shaped America today.

"This film takes you on a journey to the New York and the America of the 60s with a very unique guide - Tomi Ungerer. He brings us back to the heart of what would be called the golden age of American culture. But it's not a nostalgic trip. Instead, it's an explanation of the forces that shaped today's America and predicts how the US will develop in future."

You can read more about the documentary here for example, and more about Tomi Ungerer here, here or here for example.

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