Monday, June 01, 2009

Beauty of Soul: Oscar Wilde.

Oscar Wilde's Short Stories - trailer. With Stephen Fry. Audio and video, 6min, Dec 2008. Image: still from the trailer.

"Oscar Wilde's Fairy Tales continue to exert the same pull over the imagination and emotions as they did when he first read them to his children in the 1880."

This is the trailer (unfortunately I couldn't make it embed so please click the link) for the audiobooks series of Oscar Wilde's short stories that Stephen Fry has recorded (read more here).

I got it as a podcast (podgram) called 'Beauty of Soul: Oscar Wilde', and found it just wonderfully inspiring (as is the phrase 'Beauty of Soul').

I very much hope you enjoyed it as much as I have.


josephine said...

thanks for sharing this! i adore oscar wilde and stephen fry. the parable about jealousy was something to remember, too!

Rare Autumn said...

fables are a really wonderful thing (and i truly mean that without any irony at all).

i too adore both oscar wilde and stephen fry - both wonderful writers and conjurors of imagery; and huge inspirations.

i thought this might be interesting also, as the beginning of it feels like similar vein to the fable in a way (if you're a stephen fry fan i guess you might've read it though...?)