Thursday, June 11, 2009

On Reading.

On Reading. Photographs by André Kertész. W W Norton & Company Inc, New York, 2008. 80 pp., 68 duotone illustrations., 6x8".

"André Kertész (1894–1985) was one of the most inventive, influential, and prolific photographers in the medium’s history.

This small volume, first published in 1971, became one of his signature works. Taken between 1920 and 1970, these photographs capture people reading in many parts of the world. Readers in every conceivable place - on rooftops, in public parks, on crowded streets, waiting in the wings of the school play - are caught in a deeply personal, yet universal, moment.

Kertész’s images celebrate the absorptive power and pleasure of this solitary activity and speak to readers everywhere."

What more can you say than this is magical! "deeply personal, yet universal, moment" indeed.

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