Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Miroslav Tichy.

Miroslav Tichy. Photographs by Miroslav Tichy. Centre Pompidou, 2008. Unpaged, Numerous black & white illustrations., 8x9¾".

"Miroslav Tichy created, in communist Czechoslovakia, from early 1960 to mid 1990, an obsessive photographic work around the female form, reinventing all parts of photography at the margins of any artistic current. His images, captured so instinctively or automatically with approximate optics and tinkered with devices made using scrap materials, propose an extraordinary reality, erotic and dreamlike: they reveal an artist outside the norm, marked by classical pictorial influences, but whose method sometimes resembles the practices of amateur or 'outsider' artists.

Shown for the first time in 2004, the photographs of Miroslav Tichy, unclassifiable and timeless, indicate a unique talent. This catalog constitutes the first work available on the artist in French."

I've written about Miroslav Tichy and another of his great photography books before.

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