Monday, June 22, 2009


Findings. Photographs by Hiroshi Watanabe. Photolucida, Portland, 2007. Unpaged. Signed copies available from photo-eye. Limited edition available.

"Hiroshi Watanabe’s gorgeous monograph 'Findings' shows, in a subtle and elegant way, small stories of daily life in far-flung corners of the world such as Ecuador, Japan, Burma, Iceland, and Tahiti. In these images, seemingly simple, Watanabe’s wisdom emerges without visual complications.

These are honest and direct pictures; they bear a heavy silence, and are uncomplicated, singular ideas. These words invite a closer look uncompromised by time. They suggest a meditation that can bring to the surface what could otherwise have remained hidden — that opening in the sky beyond the child and his maze, and what it can mean.”

'Findings' is a 2005 'Critical Mass Book Award Winner'. To learn more about Hiroshi Watanabe or see more work go here.

Limited edition of 'Findings':
"The Deluxe Limited Edition of 'Findings' comes with a choice of one of three toned gelatin silver prints.

All prints are made by the artist from the original negatives and archivally processed on fiber base paper and toned. Each print is 6x6 in image size and matted in a 9x10 4-ply archival matte.

The prints are numbered, signed, and dated on verso. Book and print are cased together in a clothbound clamshell box. This edition is limited to 50 set per image - 150 in total."

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