Monday, June 08, 2009

Gotta Love Adam West

Lookwell - pilot episode. With Adam West, et al. Audio and video, 22min 40sec, July 1991. (To view full pilot episode go here).

"Lookwell was a television pilot written and produced by Conan O'Brien and Robert Smigel. It starred Adam West as a washed-up TV action hero - who at the peak of his career was ceremonially deputized by local law enforcement - who falsely believes he can solve crimes in real life. His student, Jason, becomes his sidekick and is played by Todd Field.

The pilot was broadcast on NBC in July 1991 but was not picked up as a series despite being a "personal favorite" of NBC chairman Brandon Tartikoff as well as comedian Bill Maher."

You just gotta love Adam West - the man's a genious! (not so much Conan O'Brien though...) How sensational is he in Family Guy for example and on a side note...

So sad that this show didn't get picked up - it's just absolutely brilliant! I mean the amount of quote-wordy lines: incredible!

UPDATE: changed the unsightly video for a still so please go here to watch the full pilot episode. You'll love it!

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