Friday, June 26, 2009

Faber Flickr Photostream - archive of book covers!

Images (end papers from the 'Poetry Series') from the Faber Flickr Photostream.

"We're gradually uploading some of our favourite covers, photos and various other ephemera from our archive. Our archivist uncovers new material every day - we hope you enjoy his discoveries as much as we do!"

The lovely people over at Faber alerted me to this great flickr project. They are uploading covers of Faber books from the start in 1929 to present day!

This is such an incredible treat for any book, illustration or design lover - it's especially wonderful to see different covers for the same title, and how they've changed over the years.

I've earlier written about the great series Faber is coming out with in celebration of its' 80th year, but when I discovered the endpapers to the 'Poetry Classics' series through the Faber flickr set I just couldn't help but using them in illustrating this post. The thought that's gone into producing these books is incredible and the extra little bonuses like these endpapers - pure wonderful!

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