Friday, June 12, 2009

Faber at 80 - Classic Books Revisited

Faber celebrating eighty years of publishing history. Selected images of new book series. Images from designsponge and faber. Found via designsponge.

"Faber and Faber was founded by Geoffrey Faber in 1929, with T. S. Eliot as editor, and scored an immediate bestseller with the (then anonymous) Siegfried Sassoon’s 'Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man'. And now we are looking back on eighty years of independence and celebrating with a special anniversary publishing programme.

We’re launching our celebrations this May with the Faber Firsts, a series of ten republished paperbacks of great Faber debut novels, including 'The Bell Jar', 'Lord of the Flies' and ' The New York Trilogy' styled by contemporary designers to match classic eras of our design history.

Also in May we’re issuing six beautiful hardback Poetry Classics by Auden, Eliot, Hughes, Plath, Betjeman and Yeats. The selections have been made by great writers, and each one has a stunning cover and matching endpapers by a contemporary printmaker.

A landmark publishing project comes to fruition in May too. For the first time, all of Samuel Beckett’s work will be published by Faber in newly edited editions, with introductions and notes from leading Beckett scholars. The first batch of Becketts includes two novels, 'Watt' and 'Murphy', and the last four prose fictions he wrote ('Company'/'Ill Seen Ill Said'/'Worstward Ho'/'Sitirrings Still'), a book which includes his famous injunction to ‘Try again, fail again. Fail better.’ These are published alongside a number of his best known plays, from 'Endgame' to 'Krapp’s Last Tape'."

Wow! I'm so impressed with these three new book series from Faber - the thought that has gone into them are wonderful, and the design is just absolutely fantastic (they really just got it right...).

That's how you celebrate you're 80th!

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