Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Drawn Covers

Covers drawn by John Paul Thurlow.

"This is an hommage, an attempt to create cover art for every great magazine I own (+ a few I wish I owned). It's never a straight crib and it's not about perfection, the source magazines are simply a playground for my imagination...

Covering covers lets me combine some of my favourite things; portraiture, pencil sketching, typography, graphic design, and ideas - there's usually one in there somewhere.

The occasional photos illustrate the Covers process: I draw A3 & A4 sections which I sometimes collage or retouch in Photoshop.

The COVERS typeface is Akka (a nod to Carlo Scarpa) redrawn by hand, of course..."

I'm so impressed with this project (found via style bubble) - it's for sure something I wish I would be good enough at drawing to do myself.


josephine said...

these are so cool! i love it when magazine covers are treated like art instead of trying to convince readers to buy a bunch of stuff in its pages (even though i'm sure it always has that aim).

Rare Autumn said...

i know! it's such a cool way to interact with what it was that originally inspired you by the cover (or content/theme as whole) - i really wish i was better at drawing..

JPT said...

Hey, thanks for featuring my work, great blog here. Talking of Style Bubble I just finished a new pic of Susie for Sketchbook Mag.

Rare Autumn said...

hey! glad you liked it - and happy to hear you're enjoying rare autumn... will have a look sketchbook mag and susie, sure it will be wonderful!