Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Irgendwo. Photographs by Michael Schmidt. Interview with Dietmar Elger. Snoeck, Ghent, 2006. 140 pp., 67 full-page duotone illustrations, 11½x9¾".

"Irgendwo - 'Somewhere' - a beautifully produced new book, looks at present-day Germany in the intriguing shades of grey that are the artist's trademark.

'I consider my brand of black and white photography to be color photography,' says Schmidt in the excellent interview (in English and German) in the book. 'Actually, I consider grey to be a color...the color of differentiation, as weird as that many sound.'

The book also explores the notion of a 'series' of photographs, and poses important questions about how images can stand alone, and how they change their meaning in the context of the order in which they are displayed or published."

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