Sunday, July 05, 2009

Found Paper Journal.

Found Paper Journal. By Rowan Morrison. Rowan Morrison, 2009. 128pp., numerous paper qualities, 7.5x5".

"The 3rd edtion of our popular Found Paper Journal has a newly designed cover, yet stays true to its sleek, minimalist and practical aesthetic.

The FPJ is 7.5" tall and 5" wide and features about 128 randomly-assorted pages collected from old accounting ledgers, graph paper, legal pads, letterhead stationery, sheet music, grammar-school writing paper, loose leaf, Braille, job application forms, certificates, and vintage papers of all styles.

The covers feature sleek, rounded corners and are made of sturdy chipboard embossed with an new scissors illustration by Narangkar Glover, and a hand-stamped logo on the back. Perfect bound with animal-free glue. The paper assortment is unique for each individual book so no two journals are entirely alike."

I found this wonderful journal over at Book By Its Cover and as I wrote there I too - like Julia - used to gather together different forms and papers as a child and make little things with them (in my case books).

I still have an enormous soft-spot for any kind of paper or forms and collect them to this day to use as inspiration or in my work.

I guess it might therefore not come as a complete surprise if I say that I just love this journal! Hope you like it too...

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