Sunday, July 26, 2009

Public Space Typography

Public Space Typography flickr set. Click on the link to go to the flickr page and see the individual images with explanations.

"Typography traces its origins to the first punches and dies used to make seals and currency in ancient times.

The first known movable type printing artifact is probably the Phaistos Disc, though its real purpose remains disputed. The item dates between 1850 BC and 1600 BC, back to Minoan age and is now on display at the archaeological museum of Heraklion in Crete.

Typography with movable type was separately invented in 11th-century China. Modular metal type was first invented in Korea during the Goryeo Dynasty around 1230. It was independently developed in mid-15th century Europe with the development of specialised techniques for casting and combining cheap copies of letterpunches in the vast quantities required to print multiple copies of texts."

I'm so passionate about found typography and this is just a really great flickr set! (The same person also have a few other flickr sets of found graphics well worth having a look at).

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