Saturday, July 18, 2009

Paper Cut Maps by Famille Summerbelle

London Map (Bright Turquoise) and Paris Map (Bright Pink). By Famille Summerbelle. Printed on 270gsm embossed white paper. Based on an original paper cut by Famille Summerbelle. Printed in Paris. A2 format (42cm x 59.4cm).

"The name Summerbelle is an amalgam of our two family names and the French ‘Famille’ is just a simple but meaningful nod to Julie’s nationality!

What matters more is what we are trying to achieve. Our designs and accessories are created to achieve a delicate balance in decorating a child’s room: an inspiring and reassuring space for the child which retains the creative, elegant warmth that we try to achieve throughout our homes. A room for everyone."

These wonderful maps - prints made of original paper cuts by Famille Summerbelle - are just sensational.

I adore the attention to details, the colour choices, and the idea of it! So, so well done! (found via Oh Joy!)


fashiondarling said...

Love (of course) the Paris map! Gorgeous!

Rare Autumn said...

i've lived in london for a very long time - but i must say i'm pretty partial to the paris map too! good luck with the dior internship, so cool!