Monday, July 20, 2009


Nine. Photographs by Josef Hoflehner. Text by Francis Hodgson. Most Press, Wels, 2008. 96 pp., 74 duotone illustrations., 12x13". Signed copies available.

"Josef Hoflehner's ninth book features his recent work from Japan, India, Canada and United States.

[Hoflehner] brings freshness and originality to objects often photographed before - for this book he captured some of the most spectacular places, including the Taj Mahal, New York City, Niagara Falls and Florida Keys, among others.

'Nine' opens with an introduction by Francis Hodgson, Head of Photographs at Sotheby's."

I like the architectural shapes of some of these images (something I'm very fond of generally).


josephine said...

i love the starkness in these photographs and the way even a hint of darkness cuts such a severe line.

Rare Autumn said...

it's almost like painting in a way no...? glad you enjoyed them as i did!