Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Talented Chicken.

The Talented Chicken. By Parisa Mahmoudi. Parisa Mahmoudi, 2009. Unpaged, numerous illustrations. Images from and more images here.

"The story is about an insistent mother hen, who is determined to push her chick to sing, to fly, to swim - while ignoring the fact that it is only a chicken."

I would love to see more of this sweet book! It's truly beautifully illustrated and the story is clearly communicated and understood even for those of us who doesn't speak Persian. A reminder of how similar we all are across the culture barriers...


parisa mahmoudi said...

Sooo thanks about your post!By this, I could finde your fantastic blog!So lovely!!! :)
Have a brilliant time

Rare Autumn said...

you're very welcome - it's a lovely book!

i'm so glad to hear you're enjoying rare autumn :D